Welcome to Professor Friedman's Lab!



Department of Animal Sciences

Robert H. Smith Faculty of Agriculture, Food and Enviroment 

Hebrew University of Jerusalem


We are a group of immunologists interested in several topics:

  • Structure, development and function of the intestinal immune system, commonly known as GALT (Gut Associated Lymphoid Tissue), in omnivorous birds.

    • Development and function of the avian GALT.

    • Immune and excretory functions of the cloacal bursa.

    • Mechanisms for oral tolerance in the omnivorous bird.

    • Characterization of immune response-related functions of the intestinal epithelial cells (IEC) (enterocytes).

  • Animal Welfare: Innate pro-inflammatory responses to husbandry-related stress in domestic animals.

    • Pro-inflammatory cytokine gene expression in response to husbandry-related stress.

    • Determining response to stress by peripheral blood leukocytes.

    • Advanced glycation and oxidation consequent to stress countered by pro-inflammatory proteins.

    • Effects of transport on effective immunity in turkeys.

  • Ecoimmunology, the study of immune systems and responses of animals in their natural habitat

    • The ecology of immune responses of desert gerbils (Gerbillus nanus): role in controlling flea parasitism.